SprinJene is a handcrafted, premium toothpaste that uses science and nature to provide gentle and effective care.

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I wanted to take a moment and write a few words about your product. My wife introduced it to me which was really surprising because we have been using the same toothpaste for twenty plus years. I was hesitant to try anything else considering all the hype these days about whitening one’s teeth and rebuilding one’s enamel. I must tell you that I am absolutely in love with your toothpaste. I love how it makes my teeth and my entire mouth feel! After I brush, my teeth feel smooth and clean as if I had just come from the dentist. My mouth feels moist, actually healthier and cleaner. A week after using your product, my wife put it away in her medicine cabinet, and put our old toothpaste out for me to use. I told her no way – I want my SprinJene. So we got another tube. Thank you for this product. One can sense the attention given to the ingredients, and your certifications reassure us this attention is carried all the way through until the time it hits my hands and stays on my side of the sink!

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