Our Mission & What We Believe

The SprinJene mission is to create premium oral care products that are uniquely formulated using science and nature to provide safer, gentler, more effective care for your entire mouth.

SprinJene was developed by a PhD scientist with a long-standing career in oral care products. He believed the world deserved a better toothpaste. One that doesn’t use harsh chemicals or abrasives. One that cleans and whitens yet also protects your enamel. So he left his senior position at a Fortune 500 company to follow his dream and set out to create a premium, handcrafted toothpaste from scratch.

The result of years of vigorous scientific testing, optimizing and then testing again is toothpaste that is highly effective yet gentle on your mouth.

Keeping the commitment to our mission involves more than the pure, high quality materials we choose for our products. It reflects in everything we do: the extensive testing, the meticulous quality control, the many certifications, the recruitment of the SprinJene team. It’s who we are, and what we believe.

Our Beliefs

Everyone deserves a healthy mouth

Our toothpaste is certified gluten-free, vegan, kosher and halal – for people of all lifestyles and beliefs.

Animals have rights too

So we don’t use any animal products or ingredients that require animal testing.

We are stewards of our planet

We prioritize quality natural ingredients and sustainable manufacturing practices, and actively avoid using harsh chemicals that can harm people and the environment.

Exceptional toothpaste is worth getting passionate about

That’s why we carefully select pure, quality ingredients that work together to safely and thoroughly clean and whiten your teeth and protect your mouth.

Premium toothpaste requires premium processes

We work closely with the finest labs in the world to tirelessly test our formulas, optimize and retest our formulas. And we pay great attention to detail, quality control and safety in all our processes.

Diversity is a strategic advantage

Amazing ideas emerge when great minds from different backgrounds come together. We are committed to a creative, open work environment that fosters new thinking and innovative solutions.

Dr. Ibrahim

SprinJene’s founder is a PhD scientist, Dr. Sayed Ibrahim, with decades of experience in developing breakthrough oral care products.

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