Certified Vegan Toothpaste

Certified Vegan Toothpaste

SprinJene believes that everyone has the right to excellent oral health – a vegan lifestyle should not conflict with that!

We know it can be challenging to find vegan products. We have great respect for those who rise to that challenge out of commitment to their lifestyle choice. And we hope the vegan certification of our great-tasting, premium toothpastes will make it just a little bit easier.

Vegan certification has advantages for vegans and non-vegans alike. For example, you don’t have to be vegan to desire to use a cruelty free toothpaste. Choosing certified vegan toothpaste is a great way to ensure that. Vegan certification is also a sign of quality. You can’t take a cheap shortcut and end up with a vegan certified product.

Our SprinJene products are approved vegan by the Vegan Action Foundation. This means a representative visits our production facility and thoroughly inspects all aspects of our operation, from the sourcing of ingredients and materials to the production process itself, to ensure they conform to strict vegan guidelines.

Vegan toothpaste certification demonstrates our commitment to the importance of:

Animal Welfare: Our certification is proof that our vegan toothpaste is animal friendly. No animal ingredients or byproducts are used in the toothpaste or manufacturing process and no animal testing is involved in any phase of any ingredient.

Quality: Only the best suppliers go the extra mile to achieve vegan certification of their ingredients. It means we can trace every ingredient back to the source and confirm that it has been handled appropriately.

Purity: Vegan certification ensures that the ingredients we list, and only those, are in our products. There’s a lot of focus on quality control routines that ensure our ingredients do not come in contact with animal products or byproducts – or anything else, for that matter.

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