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You may have noticed… we’re pretty passionate about toothpaste at SprinJene. Take a look at the articles below and find out why!

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We’re passionate for good reason. Our toothpaste is exceptional. All our ingredients are hand-picked for purity and quality. We take no short cuts. The result is a handcrafted toothpaste that uses science and nature to provide gentle and effective care.

We’d love to get you excited about what goes into great toothpaste too! Below you’ll find some links that’ll tell you more about what’s in each tube of Sprinjene, and why.

Black Seed Oil

SprinJene toothpaste harnesses the natural power of black seed oil, a plant known for its health benefits for over 3,000 years.

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The Secret of Gentle Whitening  | SprinJene

The Secret of Gentle Whitening

After spending a lot time and testing, we discovered a safer, better way to whiten your teeth without using harsh abrasives or bleach.

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Natural Synergies: Zinc and Black Seed Oil More For Third | SprinJene

Natural Synergies: Zinc and Black Seed Oil More For Third

One of the truly unique things about SprinJene is how we use synergies between natural ingredients that are highly effective yet gentle on your mouth.

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Press Kit | SprinJene

Press Information: All About Sprinjene

If you’re looking for the most recent SprinJene news, important press contacts, or downloadable information about SprinJene, you’ll find it all right here.

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