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On this page you’ll find the most recent SprinJene news, important press contacts and other brand assets.

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Press Contact

Emine Kasapoglu
Office: +1 732 640 1830

General Inquiries

Telephone +1 (732) 640-1830
140 Ethel Road West, Suite W
Piscataway, NJ 08854

SprinJene Brand Assets

SprinJene’s name and logo are our registered trademarks. When you are using our name or logo to refer to our company or products, please follow these guidelines:

The name SprinJene should be written in text as one word with a Capital S and a capital J. Use the same size font as the text around it.

The SprinJene master logo should always be presented clearly and legibly. It should stand alone, preferably on a solid background, and not be crowded against other images, graphics, text or advertisement. Minimum clear space requirements around the logo are equivalent to the height of the “S” in SprinJene all around the mark. The SprinJene master logo should never be smaller than 1 3/4” inch in width.

If you have any questions about using our name or logo, or need another format, please contact us.


SprinJene Fact Sheet
White Boost Fact Sheet
Fresh Boost Fact Sheet

Product Shots

Downloadable product shots, high res, white background. Please contact us if you need other images.

Tube of Fresh Boost
Tube of White Boost
Package of Fresh Boost
Package of White Boost

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